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club 1
national and International
28th Newcastle 2009 merit
4th Photolovers digital circuit 2007 P/L Medal
APS 2007 1st, Champion print, Merit
Queensland National circuit 2007 1st, 1st, 2nd, four Merits two H/C
Tasmania 2007 1st, 2nd
4th Photolovers India 2007 P/L medal
Ballarat 2007, !st, Merit
PSA International 2006 Honerable mention
4th Swansea 2006 FIAP ribbon 37th VAPS 2006 1st, 2nd, merit
31st APS 2006 2 Merits
Perth 2006 1st, 3rd
Adelaide 2006 3rd, 2 Merits
3rd Pakenham 2006 2nd Silver 5 Merit 2nd Most Successful competitor
Vigex International 2006 Merit
Ballarat 2006 2nd, Merit 5th Suncoast Virtual Salon 2006 H/M
Tropical Image International 2006 H/M
Awarded A.A.P.S from Australian photographic Society
The honour of associate in recognition of Photographic skill and Artistry December 2005
30th APS National Digital 2005 1st Gold
Venice International Photo Contest 2005 2nd Silver
Perth National 2005 1st Gold
52nd Singapore International 2005 Merit
Adelaide 2005 3rd, 3 Merits, Most successful exhibitoAustria Super Circuit International FIAP Gold 1st May 2005
 !8th Western Districts NSW 2005 Gold 1st Queensland National Circuit 2005 Redcliff - 2 Merits 4th Suncoast Virtual International Exhibition Medal - FIAP Bronze May 2005
Ballarat 2005 Gold 1st 2005
BBSV International Digital Cup September 2004, Gold 1st 2004
2nd Digital International Master Circuit 2004, Silver 2nd
29th APS National 2004 Silver 2nd
Foto Club Buenos Aires International 2004, 2 Mention Jury
Oklaholoma International 2004, Gold 1st, Silver 2nd, 3rd 2004
Qld Redlands Circuit 2004 Gold 1st, Merit, H/C Qld Sunshine Coast Circuit 2004, Gold 1st Champion Print Qld Circuit Redcliff 2004 Gold 1st, Merit
Ballarat 2004, Silver 2nd Most successful 1st time exhibitor
Warragul 2004, Merit
Tasmania 2003 Hobart Circuit, Gold 1st, 3rd
Adelaide 2004 Merit, Most successful exhibitor
Certificate IV in Electronic Publishing 2002
Certificate III in Desktop Publishing 2002
Certificate II in Arts Interactive Multimedia 2001
Diploma of Arts (Visual Arts) Chisholm Institite1999
Casey College 1992 award for Excellence in photographic and darkroom skills
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