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See what others don’t see. Developing a sixth sense, a receptivity to that which exists beyond what is immediately apparent, I think allows photographers to capture the true beauty of the world and its people. Curiosity, a willingness to try new things, and openness to ongoing learning helps too. As with any other art, good photography is a creative process that constantly moves and evolves.

While I’d always enjoyed photography, joining the Caulfield Photographic Society in 1991 set me off on long adventures in the darkroom. Stepping into this whole new world was an exciting learning curve. The smell of chemicals and time required was simply a given. It was only with the arrival of digital photography did I think, “How on earth did we ever do it like that!”

A new learning curve began with the purchase of my first computer in 1996 – and several more after that. With much perseverance, a growing passion – and studies in visual arts, desktop publishing, electronic publishing and multimedia – I finally mastered the electronic darkroom. It provides such a vast landscape of endless possibilities.

I love creative street photography, capturing the exuberance of festivals and events, and travelling to new horizons for new photo opportunities that refresh and inspire. I also cherish my local photography club, its people, and shared weekends away with camera equipment in tow. My five gorgeous grandsons give me plenty of wonderful challenges in portraiture, while having others acknowledge my work through several awards has been nice too, especially picking up Gold at the Austria Super Circuit for Waterwall in 2005. I wonder how the world looks like through those children’s eyes...

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